What to expect

Your first appointment should take up to 60 minutes, during which I will take your personal details, medical history, and discuss the condition you are presenting with, then I will conduct a postural assessment and examination of the symptomatic areas. I will make a diagnosis, and then communicate to you what I have found and you will have a say in your treatment plan. then I will treat as much as I can in the remainder of the time.

Follow-up appointments should take up to 30 minutes during which time I will ask how you have been since your last visit, if there have been any improvements or new symptoms, then I will briefly re-examine to ensure we are still achieving our goals. I will then continue with our treatment plan as long as it is still suitable to do so. 


You should expect to be asked to dress down to underwear for examination, however for modesty you might chose to wear shorts and vest top which is fine. Be mindful that I require to be able to see your back, so most sportswear is usually unsuitable.

Osteopaths use a range of techniques, and some will be unsuitable depending on age and health. You will be included in the decision making and will be required to give informed consent  before, and at various stages during treatment. 


Free Telephone Consultation

Osteopathy has many different treatment methods and is suitable for most people. If you are unsure about osteopathy being right for you, or the condition you are experiencing, or if you want impartial advice then book a free 15 appointment. I will call you at the time requested, then we can discuss your situation. I can assess whether an appointment would be right for you, or be able to refer if necessary to other healthcare professionals. I can offer advice with no obligation.

The link below takes you to the Surrey and Hampshire Well Being Clinic bookings page. just select 'FREE phone consultation' then click on my name.


New Patient Appointment,  


Follow-up Appointment,


Payable at the conclusion of each treatment.

Cash and all major cards accepted. 

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