My Story


I was introduced to osteopathy in my early twenties when I hurt my back at work and somebody recommended a local osteopath. I didn’t know what to expect, and I remember being surprised by the way he approached my pain. At the first appointment I was asked about my medical history and lifestyle, then I was given a full postural assessment, and he palpated and moved my back to form a diagnosis. He then explained what he believed had caused my pain, and that it should resolve quickly within two or three treatments. I did indeed become pain free in just two sessions, so a year or two later when I woke with a sore neck, I didn’t hesitate to visit again. My pain was resolved as swiftly as before and my interest in osteopathy was born.


Purely by chance, and at a time when I was dissatisfied in my current employment, a friend told me about a part-time course in osteopathy and I liked the idea of a change, and the opportunities that a career such as osteopathy might bring. I attended an open day at the College of Osteopaths in Borehamwood and decided I would really enjoy the challenge, and I could fit the course around my job, so I began a five year degree course that September. 

After some of the best and hardest moments of my life, and with the support and encouragement from friends, family and especially my loving partner,  I emerged as a Bachelor of Osteopathy with a new and exciting career ahead of me.

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